A business unit of STAG Software, its mission is to evangelise a scientific approach to testing via HBT MasterClasses, transform organisational practice via HBT Indoctrination and groom smart testers for the community via its TWELVE-week SmartTester Program.


Want to test SMARTER?
Adopt HBT as a practice. Our MasterClasses and Indoctrination help you to become smarter.
HBT Masterclass
Specialised masterclasses on EIGHT topics to enable a scientific testing practice…view details
HBT Indoctrination
Deploy smart testing practices in your team via TWO-day HBT MasterClass with FOUR consulting sessions over 6-8 weeks…view details
Immersive session testing
In today’s time crunched development cycles, the challenge is to do fast, yet be very effective…view details
EXPANDING your team?
Talk to us. We have professionally mentored test talent.

Our ReadyTalent solution can help.

Well groomed entry level talent ready to contribute to your testing activity with minimal support…view details
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Solutions for GRADUATES

Program for GRADUATES
Keen to pursue a career in testing? Join the TWELVE week Smart Tester mentoring program.
We have groomed over 2000 graduates who have made their  careers in over 80 companies.
Learning MODEL
We have a brilliant mixture of mentoring assisted by eLearning, skill building via writing spec, web application & DB code, test design, scripting and reporting.
A unique TWELVE week mentoring program where young engineers are groomed into dynamic, result oriented, thinking software testing professionals… view details