Immersive Session Testing


Testing quickly in short sessions is not ad-hoc, it requires deep immersive thinking. To rapidly dive, reconnaissance, extract information and process rapidly to come up with interesting observations, anamolies, issues and questions.

In this style of validation, the focus is on testing in short sessions in a scientific manner making them sharp and effective.

Establishing the session’s objective clearly and quickly as to what entities to evaluate and evaluate-for, diving deeply to seek information to strategise and design, taking notes/documenting test-scenarios/cases tersely, evaluating rapidly, jotting down observations/anomalies, keeping track of progress, and finally publishing the dashboard of quality is what this experiential workshop is about.

The participants will perform a few immersive sessions to understand the practice of doing. Aids to facilitate the session will be provided.


Date: 25 Aug 2017 (Friday)

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Fees: INR 6,500 (+taxes) per participant

Group discount: 10% on a team of FOUR

To know more about HBT, goto HBTCentral.ORG



This experiential workshop consists of FOUR sessions that are 90 minutes each.

  • KNOW & SEE
    • Session 1 : Understand IST. Watch how an IST session is done ( An already done IST session output is used to illustrate)
  • DO
    • Session 2 : Do a ‘Reconnaissance session’ in Session 2, a 90 minute session to question & understand the system
    • Session 3 : Do a ‘Search session’, this is about design and test of a system in a 90 minute immersive session
    • Aids to perform IST (“Workspaces”) will be provided to enable the DO session
    • Session 4 : Q&A, clarifications to enable assimilation of IST
Who is this meant for?
  • Agile dev/test folks
  • Test engineers in product organizations challenged by time
  • Developers who are keen to deliver clean code
  • Managers/Leads keen on innovating the test practice
  • Explore rapidly, Question better, Understand deeply
  • Write less, accomplish more
  • Be in a flow, enjoy testing