Are you looking to expand your team?

Are you looking for fresh readymade testers?

CleanSoft Academy grooms young test professionals via its SmartTester program, that is conducted multiple times a year.

These professionals are available for contract and with the option to be hired after a minimum period of SIX months.

If you are looking to expand your team with young test professionals, then this is just perfect for you. This program grooms thinking testers, who have a good appreciation of web technologies, databases, a good awareness of Selenium, JMeter, Junit tools. You need not train them, as they are ready to hit the ground running.

Program Highlights

Mentored, Not Taught > Lead the horse to water, not feed it

Think Better, Test Smarter > Powered by HBT to create thinking testers

Immersive full time program > Soak in deeply for TEN full weeks to absorb well

Do, Review, Research Not just listen > Perform, fail and learn

Write Spec, Write Code > Go beyond testing to understand specification and implementation

Code a mini project, Cross test using tools > Write a mini web app, test other’s app using JUnit, Jmeter & Selenium

Grooming areas
  • SDLC, Foundations of Quality & Test
  • Empathy & user oriented thinking
  • Understanding, Questioning, Setting baseline
  • Strategy formulation and planning
  • Test analysis & design
  • Reviewing, execution & reporting
  • Web technologies
  • Database
  • JMeter
  • Selenium