Masterclasses on SmartQA

For QA folks

In the age of speed how do we speed up? By doing faster, by automating? By doing lesser, smartly? Well it takes both. Understanding the big picture, questioning and sharpening clarity, dissecting quality into levels, design and evaluation from multiple points of view are some of the ways to do SmartQA. After all it takes human intelligence and good technology to do less and accomplish more.

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For Dev folks 

As developers, more technical debt means more re-work. How can I think better, do less and be debt free? This course provides a refreshing look at development test (aka unit and integration test) outlining simple practical approaches to uncovering issues at the early stage of development. It is not about more automated unit tests, it is not more testing at all, rather the converse. How can we be “Lean yet be Clean”? is what this course Smart Development Test is about.

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Masterclasses on Test Design & JMeter

Robust Test Design

This course enables a scientific model based approach to Test Design enabling you to test smartly and efficiently. The intent is to justify the completeness/adequacy of test cases by enabling you to develop a curious and questioning mentality to understand behavior, criteria and usage.

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Load testing using JMeter

The objective of this course is to enable you to devise good test scenarios to measure traffic that an application can sustain by load testing various crucial workflows and detect performance bottlenecks before they affect end users.

This course will help you to understand the usage patterns with respect to operations. You will be able to design robust performance test cases/operations. It will also help you to know how to perform performance test for many different server types – web-HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/REST, DATABASE and to simulate a group of users sending a request to target server and return statistics that show the performance of target server via Graphs, tables etc.

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