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How much can you lift?

Load testing is about bombarding the system with more operations, it is about subjecting the system scientifically to more operations, higher rate and heavier ones and access how it handles this.

This course outlines a scientific approach to load profiling and then delved deep into how to using JMeter to help you figure out how much your application can lift.

The objective of this course is to enable you to devise good test scenarios to measure traffic that an application can sustain by load testing various crucial workflows and detect performance bottlenecks before they affect end users.

This course will help you to understand the usage patterns with respect to operations. You will be able to design robust performance test cases/operations. Then you will able to do  perform performance test for many different server types – web-HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/REST, database by simulating a group of users sending a request to target server. Then you will able to analyze statistics and display load handling/performance of target server via graphs, tables.

Test/dev professionals who are interested in assessing load handling of web applications

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