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It is all about COVERAGE.

Coverage is the key property that needs to be satisfied by test design. How do we know if the“net” that we have designed to catch the fishes(“defects”) is broad, deep, strong and fine?
This course presents a unique approach to test case design based on Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT) methodology, driven by cleanliness criteria, quality levels, and behavior based approach to ensure that test cases can indeed guarantee robustness of final software.

This course enables a scientific model based approach to test design enabling you test smart and efficiently. The intent is to justify the completeness/adequacy of test cases by enabling you developing a curious and questioning mentality to understand behavior, criteria and usage.

The term ROBUST in the course title is to ensure that design is indeed “strong enough” to ensure that you product/application is ROBUST.

What information to seek & How to question
How to partition system clearly to figure what to design
Understand scientific approach to test design
Be able to perform model based design
How to document effectively and efficiently.
Rapidly and scientifically review test cases

Anyone who is keen on coming up with great test cases.

Certainly useful for Developer and QA folks. Project /Test Managers would certainly benefit as this will given them strong approach to ensuring high coverage and quality.

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